Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Craft the Year Away!

I had fun developing new skills last year as I went through my sewing projects. I learned how to make curtains, finished my tshirt quilt project, a cover for my oxygen concentrator, and a Christmas tree skirt. I also made a couple of potholders and a Christmas placemat.  The only "artwork" I made was the pink vinta project. I wasn't able to finish my other Christmas projects and gave up on the planned handmade gifts, haha. 

What I learned though is to aim for the moon. Aim high so if you don't finish, you still get good results. I took so long finishing the tshirt quilt and I normally rest between major projects*. My craft room was also inaccessible for more than a month during renovation (it's not done yet). My overall plan for this year is to make more useful smaller projects. 

I created a long list of projects I want to make back in 2021. Good thing I wrote it in a notebook. The list kept growing because I'd get inspired from my craft books and Pinterest. There's so many cute stuff in it and I know I always learn when I create something. 

Here's what I'll prioritize this year:

  1. New covers for my kitchen appliances and O2 concentrator.
  2. Cover/blanket for the benches.
  3. Finish the dining room seat cover and make a non-Christmas one.
  4. Throw pillow covers for our currently non-existent sofa (lol)
  5. Make more pot holders.
  6. New curtains 
  7. Make essential oil holders (been meaning to do this since 2020!)
  8. Key holders 
  9. Oven gloves (I got this huge roll of heat resistant wadding which needs to be used!)
  10. Experimental projects, a wall hanging and something that requires a zipper. 
And note to self, if giving away handmade gifts, start making them in Q2! 

#BeKind #StaySafe

*Gotta prevent trigger finger and arm pain

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