Thursday, January 12, 2023

Throwback Thursday: Changi Airport

It's been almost 14 months since I last visited Changi Airport. It's one of my favorite airports since it's very efficient and there's so much to see in the airport. According to Google Maps it's one of my most visited places. I used to travel a lot for work and going through Changi was truly effortless. 

Here are some of my memorable experiences at Changi Airport -

  • Since I had a work pass I enjoyed going through the automated gates. The only drawback is most of the time the scanner can't read my fingerprints. I oftentimes had to go through the special immigration table so I could exit. One immigration officer advised to put lotion on my fingers before exiting. That trick finally worked and I finally got to enjoy the automated gates. 
  • Teh Tarik before flying out. I always went to the airport early because I don't like rushing (I walk very slow). I eventually set a tradition to drink some teh tarik before flying out. I'd buy some and just work before heading to the gate. Too bad you can't bring some to the plane.
  • The Raffles Hospital clinic at Changi saved me a couple of times. One time I rushed back to Singapore from the Southern part of Asia after getting food poisoning. I presented all the medications the hotel gave me and they said that none of those meds were meant for stomach issues. No wonder I kept getting sick even after I took it. 
  • One thing I enjoyed most was the themes Changi Airport would take on. They change it every few months and there was one time they did Star Wars. To me that was the best theme I experienced. 

  • Do you know that Changi Airport has a special scent? I actually didn't know, I just always thought that the airport smelled good. I only found out when a friend gifted me a bottle last year (haha). Super love it since it brings back good memories. 
  • Eventually I was able to accumulate points and I got to use the lounge. It was super useful for me after I had my first PE since I had a place to rest and I got first to board privileges. I also got additional baggage allowance which was very useful whenever I went to Japan and Australia (I liked grocery shopping there haha). 

  • I liked buying electronics at Changi Airport. I remember buying Sweetie a camera once, but it wasn't working! I immediately got in touch with the shop and they replaced the camera with a new one when I came back. The person who responded to my email was also the one who took care of the replacement when I arrived. So far everything I got from there still works (even the Phillips CD player I got even before I moved to SG haha). 
  • On our last flight out of SG, I had to use a wheelchair. They took care of me from check-in until we landed in Manila. I was so anxious about the flight, but they made sure we were okay all the way. 

  • My favorite terminal was terminal 3. I would go to the food street on the second floor if I was hungry or the restos in the common area if I was picking up someone. I preferred terminal 2 though for shopping since they had more variety. 
  • I wish though I had more time to explore Changi Jewel. I've been there a couple of times. We enjoyed going there since it had a lot of unique shops and restos. 
Captured our last trip out of Changi in a vlog. I was supposed to come back last August for a check-up, but we decided to cancel the trip since the boys got sick and my stamina wasn't at its best. Someday we'll go back at the right time :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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