About Me

I started writing when I was 8. My mom got me a journal where I could rant (prob so I won't be an annoying brat). I stopped writing for 8 years until the pen and then later on the keyboard called on me again. I blog because I like writing and that's just about it. I know I'm putting "tomes of content online", but hey I have no one to bug the whole day LOL. Hope you get inspired though... And as Bugs Bunny said, "Do not take life seriously. After all, no one has ever come out of it alive." Bite the apple!

Here's a couple of recognitions I have received because of my blogs:

2007 Emerging Influential Blog for "An Apple a Day" (No. 1), Digitalfilipino
2008 Emerging Influential Blog for "You Got Tech", Digitalfilipino
2009 Digital Chief, Philippine Blog Awards, Globe Telecom
2010 SM Hypermarket Ambassador, SM Group of Companies

Here are some companies who have partnered with me:

Department of Tourism for the 7,107 Stories
Dove for Dove's Real Thoughts for Twisted Wedding Planner

Some features about me:

Qtube feature of Tales of the Moonless Sky

More about me at this page.