Monday, January 2, 2023

Home on Mondays: Make Our Home Beautiful, Safe and Organized

We've been in our still relatively new home for a year now. We thought everything would be organized by now. Our original target to finish cabinet installation was the second week of December. Uncovered a LOT of issues that involved our safety, so we had to prioritize making sure we don't get fried while asleep. I'm honestly still very antsy since the bedroom electricals haven't been fixed. The Megger test shows now that priority fixes are done, so at least that's keeping me less anxious. 

We decided to move to a house because we wanted more space to move around and do our passions. Also since our parents are super seniors we have to be ready for them. Mom though is insistent on staying in her house. Since I'm a bit better now, we've been able to resume having her once a week for mass and dinner. A lot of convincing required though to get her out of her house. 

Here are my home goals for this year:

  1. Make it safe by getting all electrical, plumbing and structural issues fixed.
  2. Declutter and just keep what we need. I was really happy we were able to donate 14 boxes of stuff especially our pre-loved books. 
  3. Make the kitchen ready to cook and bake yummy stuff with Miggy. 
  4. Have a proper living room where we can welcome friends and family. 
  5. A "stable" dining room. We realized that the glass table isn't for us. We're selling it and hope to change it back to a smaller wooden table. 
  6. Maybe get some art that would fit our personalities. We have collected a lot of toys though, so maybe we won't need art. 
  7. Make our garden more manageable. We'll likely change to turf grass since most of the grass died anyway. I want to have a section for veggies and ornamental plants. It's a bit challenging though, but doable.
  8. Make the basement our family hub where we can enjoy working on our hobbies. We've so far designed it to be our "playroom" and I'm excited to work on the display cabinet. 
  9. Use the maker room to produce things I love to make. Hope to be more productive this year. 
  10. Fill the house with happy memories so it could be our true home. 
#BeKind #StaySaffe

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