Thursday, January 19, 2023

Throwback Thursday: Do You Know What Party Line Is?

We're six years too late but we just started to watch Stranger Things this week. It's set in the 80s. Sweetie and I keep chuckling at things we experienced back in the 80s. Miggy, on the other hands, keeps asking questions about things he hasn't seen or experienced since he was born in the 90s. 

Seeing the mustard yellow phone of Joyce Byers reminded me of our rotary phone. We're able to enjoy communicating anywhere, anytime nowadays because we have mobile phones. We had a black rotary phone when I was a child. We shared a number with a neighbor who was a few houses away from us. It was a strange thing because sometimes there would be someone using the line when you pick up the phone. You'd have to wait for them to finish so you can use your phone. That was what party-line was*. 

Eventually we all got our own numbers. Mom even got an extra phone. The physical phones also eventually updated and came in different colors (still rotary). After a couple of years they removed the rotary dialer and it was changed to buttons. It hasn't really updated since then, but what was cool about the old phones is it doesn't need electricity. 

We still have phones at home because Mom never got used to using a mobile phone. We changed our phone though to a cordless one so we can bring it with us anywhere in the house. It's still useful for us since a lot of neighborhood suppliers prefer to be called on the phone. A lot of suppliers in our area don't even use Viber. 

Does your house still have a landline? IMHO it's still the best thing to use for telebabad. LOL.

*You can see this at work if you've watched The Crown.

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