Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Made a Star Wars Themed Quilted Cover

Finally got around to making a quilt cover for a bench at home. I originally had it made for my craft room, but we moved it to the family room where it fit better. I wanted to make a cover for it to prolong the lifespan of the pink cover. It would be expensive to have it cleaned often, so the best way to prolong it's life is to cover it. 

I wanted the cover to be colorful, so I matched the Star Wars fabric with orange, yellow, blue and green. I originally thought it would be too flashy, but Miggy said the accent went well with the theme. I thought I could finish the project in two to three weeks. It stretched to almost six weeks since I had other things to do at home, plus we had to work on our health. 

It turned out well, but I think I'll delay making another one later this year (we have two benches haha). I also want to make seat covers for the sofa set (that's going to be a super huge project). I'm still thinking about making it a modern quilt or a traditional one. I'll probably do a modern one since it's for our home anyway. 

Here's six weeks of work turned into a six minute tutorial video:

More info about this quilt project on my sewing blog:

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Monday, March 4, 2024

How We Became Pawrents of 8

We never planned to become pawrents to cats. They just came to us and adopted us. I was thinking about this last week after I watched a video saying that cats are like angels sent to you. We were apprehensive about having cats since none of us had experience. My doctor also forbade me from having pets. 

Looking back we were actually eased in to become pawrents. Grey came and started hanging out in our laundry area. We suspect he's been hanging out there way before we noticed him sleeping there. We had no clue how to take care of cats so we started with giving him a bed, then water, then some food. He was very skittish and would run away whenever we came close. Eventually he became comfortable with us and he started recognizing his name. 

Then came Kaley Boo the calico cat. She'd only visit for snacks. Sometimes she'd come with other calico cats, Sandra and Cheyenne. Cheyenne was the first cat who'd allow some petting. Sandra though is very fierce and would always fight with everyone else to get some food. Among the three calico cats, Kaley is the only one who comes everyday. She knows her name too, but still doesn't allow to be touched. Nose bumps only. 

It was around May-June last year when Grey brought it Brimsley. She was still quite small then and we thought she was male (we obviously don't know much about cats). She would hide in the boxes in the garage. Little did we know she was pregnant. We were just surprised one day when she disappeared. I asked Miggy to look for her and he found her inside a box with a kitten. Whoops! We panicked a bit since we don't have any experience with cats giving birth. We got up to speed by watching YouTube videos on how best to take care of new cat moms. Since Brimsley is a feral cat, she knew what to do. We just had to create a safe space for her and the two kittens, Mando and Grogu. 

We intended to get Brimsley spayed a few weeks after she gave birth. There was a risk if we had her spayed immediately because her bloodwork showed some issues. We had to give her medication before she got spayed. Unfortunately, she got pregnant again and had two more kittens, Eevee and Pikachu. She and Mando got spayed at the same time. We were scared that Mando might become a teenage mom like her mother. In time Eevee and Pikachu will be neutered and spayed too. 

So we thought having 5 full time cats (the Brimsley family) and 2 regular cat visitors (Grey and Kaley) was where it would end. Nope, we were sent one more, Meredith. We think she was abandoned by a neighbor who moved out. The sad thing is Meredith experienced dystocia. She gave birth to a stillborn kitten. Ran across the street with the baby to our garage (we saw it through CCTV footage). Left the baby and disappeared. A day or two later she was back and looked really sick. At that time we thought she had an owner. She could barely eat. Miggy nursed her back to health with cat broth we just made. She survived and has been living with us for about two months now. We just had her spayed since we're afraid she might get pregnant and die. The vet said her uterus had been calcified already. Poor thing. She's so far the sweetest cat in the family and is our full time garage cat resident. 

From one cat to 8 cats in just a year. We see it as a gift since they bring us joy. We accepted the responsibility and that's why we're actively getting them spayed/neutered. Not sure though how we can do that for Grey since he is still very skittish. We'll just make sure Eevee and Pikachu are neutered/spayed at the right time. We've probably hit quota already with 8 cats, haha. 

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Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Heat is On

And just like that the cool wind that usually comes during Christmas `til Valentine's has left. The heat is back and I have to be very mindful once again about stepping out in this weather. I spent most of the day yesterday on the couch because I was dizzy. I missed our high school class lunch reunion. It would have been fun to go. Oh well, such is my life. Stable today, unstable tomorrow. 

Well, I was lucky today. I got a "free pass" to go out to buy something. It felt like our regular Sunday family day where we'd head to the mall after hearing mass. We got to try the new Japanese resto in ATC, Kiwami. Then we went to True Value to buy something. I also squeezed in some time to buy a new shirt. It's been awhile since I got something new to wear. 

It's also been awhile since we've been able to have a vacation. Our last trip was when we went to Bohol last June. We'll need to figure out what to do with the cats if we ever decide to leave for a few days. Last time I just had to figure out how to keep the plants hydrated. That was easy. I just stuck a bottle with water in the soil. It also luckily rained the week we were away. The only other time we were away from home was when I was in the hospital. The boys though would go home in the evenings to leave food and water for the cats. So we'll see how we'll be able to go on a getaway. 

Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the blazing heat!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Harvested Tumeric

It was July 2022 when a friend sent me a huge bag of tumeric. I don't really use it for cooking, but I kept some to see if they would grow. I propagated it and it grew properly. In early 2023 though we had renovations done in our home and my tumeric plants did not survive. I left the pots under the bamboo tree. Few months later they re-grew! 

I re-potted the tumeric in bigger pot together with ginger. After two months I noticed the leaf started to yellow. I found it turned brown the other day. I read that's when you should harvest tumeric or ginger, when the leaves turn brown

Got my shovel and pulled out the tumeric. I washed it down with a hose to remove the soil and then cleaned it further in the kitchen. It was really interesting to see how one knob created more tumeric. It also looked like it was going to create more if the leaves didn't die too early. 

I'm so happy with how this experiment turned out. I still don't use tumeric, so I'll try to propagate this again and give it away if it grows. I have friends who use tumeric when they cook. I'll wait and see if the ginger I re-potted will give a good harvest. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

Friday, March 1, 2024

"Graduation" Special Treat

We're making it a point to celebrate milestones. We decided to dine at Lore again after the "ceremony". We had the restaurant practically to ourselves since we arrived after the lunch hour rush. It was such a treat to dine there again since I wanted to try their other dishes. Miggy ordered his favorite five spice chicken. I got the liempo and Sweetie got the chorizo hamonado. We also got molo soup and adobo rice to complete our meal.

Everything was cooked perfectly. The hawflakes sauce complements the five spice chicken superbly. I tried the sauce on the liempo and it was excellent. The vinegar that came with the chorizo hamonda was sumptuous. I really like adding vinegar to what I eat. I learned that from my Dad. The serving was good for 3 and the food extended to dinner (leftovers). 

As we were finishing our late lunch, Chef Tatung arrived. Sweetie "heard" him first, so he looked behind and told me that Chef Tatung just entered the restaurant. He passed by our table several times. I eventually had the courage to say hello and ask if we could have a photo. He gamely said yes and we had a short chat with him. 

That was a special treat for us. We've been watching his cooking videos since we were in Singapore. I have all his cookbooks and have tried making a few of his dishes. Aside from Lore, we also celebrated my birthday in his home in Antipolo. The food was really good, the location is just so far (haha), so Lore has been a good alternative to go to. Maybe in time we'll brave the traffic and try his other restos. 

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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Molo Soup

When I was growing up one dish that was often cooked at home was molo soup. I haven't had it for a long time now and saw it on the menu of Lore when we dined there for our anniversary. Their molo soup tasted a lot like how it was prepared at home.

What I love about molo soup is the dumplings that come with it. Eat it together with shredded chicken and the soup, ahh, it's just perfect. I didn't realize it's one of my comfort food dishes. I know it'll probably take time to prepare it at home, so I'll just make sure we order it whenever we go to Lore. 

What's your favorite Filipino soup?

#BeKind #StaySafe 

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

A Different Kind of Graduation (Pulmo Rehab Journey)

My doctor said I'm lucky I'm still able to walk around without lugging around an oxygen tank. He said he has a patient who only has one ailment, but needs oxygen already. My stats are way worse than her, but I'm still able to function quite normally. Thank you Lord! 

I was in very bad shape last year. My breathing was incapacitated and I had very low tolerance to bad air quality. I could barely do regular activities like watering plants or cooking. My stamina had gone on permanent vacation. I was so frustrated because my quality of life was really bad. It was my cardiologist who recommended for me to do pulmo rehab. This was approved by my pulmonologist.

I started doing pulmo rehab in late September. The 16 sessions should have been completed by November. Well, it dragged on since there were days I was unstable and had to cancel my session. I went through 4 therapists, Cyril, Amira, Jeff and Ronald. It was Ronald who's been taking care of me now since he also specialized in cardiac therapy. He's been able to make sure I'm still able to function after a session. Sometimes I end up in bed the rest of the day, haha. 

My pulmo rehab team :)

At the beginning of my sessions we set goals. I told them I wanted to be able to do at least two major things a day. When I started the boys had to take over watering my plants and I stopped cooking for a long time. I could only reach up to 1,500 in my spirometer. Slowly, but surely my stamina improved. I could walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing. I can regularly reach 3,000 to 3,500 in my spirometer. I'm able to spend 30 to 60 minutes everyday watering plants and cook, if my energy allows it. 

After 5 months, I finally completed the first course. The team insisted I have a proper graduation probably because I was a difficult patient to take care of. My former PT, Wendy, would wholeheartedly agree. They'd all agree also I have bad coordination and my timing is always off, haha. 

My rehab spotters, Sweetie and Miggy.
They have to watch over me during sessions to make sure I don't keel over, haha.

I saw my pulmonologist yesterday and after that I visited the pulmo rehab center to visit the team. I was so surprised because they even played graduation music the whole time I was there. I was given a "diploma" and we had a good laugh over the last few months. 

I will start my "masterals" on Friday. I'm excited because Ronald mentioned I will start using the stationary bike again. I eventually want to be able to bike around our neighborhood. I don't have one yet at this time, but when I'm able to stay on the exercise bike that's when I'll probably get a bike.