Sunday, January 1, 2023

2023 New Year at Home in Manila

Celebrated our second new year in our still relatively new home. Media noche was home cooked bistek tagalog and tuna macaroni salad. Yup, we broke the bank to buy some onions (haha). More importantly, I was able to vacuum across the house (well, had Sweetie finish the living room and dining room since I got tired). Having a clean house to welcome the new year is something I aim for every year. 

I spent most of the day in the kitchen. Marinated the bistek tagalog and chicken adobo early. Then I got help from Sweetie to prepare the tuna macaroni salad. Since we got a basket of fruits we though it might be a good idea to mix in some apple to part of the tuna macaroni salad. That would be a nice twist. The nice thing about making your own macaroni salad is you can skip the ingredients you don't really eat (i.e. raisins and pineapple hehe). We decided to forego the fiesta ham for another time. We ended up with Pinoy themed meals. 

Bistek tagalog with gold (lol).

We're still cooking in my now 11-year old Philips induction one-burner stove. I'm really glad I kept it because it's saved me a couple of times. I almost gave it to Cathy when she was newly married since she needed some stuff (gave them our microwave instead). I got the stove when I lived with Jajah at our second apartment (or maybe it was the first). It's seen us through our journeys and I thought I won't have a need for it, haha. 

I marinated, Miggy cooked. That's how we roll now.

Cooking the chicken adobo right now. It's the biggest batch of adobo I've ever cooked. I made a lot so we can send some to Mommy and Dad (in Marikina). It's going to be an odd combination with tuna apple macaroni salad, but it will do, haha. I'm still finding my footing again in the kitchen and truly grateful I'm able to cook again (kitchen was closed for two months). 

I'm very glad the fireworks last night didn't last long. It was noticeably much, much less than usual. The heavy rampage only lasted 10 minutes. I guess everyone was excited for media noche, haha. I'm grateful though since it's overall safer not to use fireworks. I heard something fall on our roof last night. I hope it's just a stick from the kwitis. Will request Mang Rod to check when he's back since we previously found several bullets in my Mom's roof before. 

I checked out my 2022 new year post and realized I didn't make any resolutions last year. I think I'd rather write out my goals and dreams for 2023. I noticed I went haywire in 2022 probably because I didn't set any goals. Overall, I want 2023 to be a year for healing, develop more stamina and I hope to develop new skills for my passions. 

Hope you all had a great new year with family and friends. May you all have countless blessings this year. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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