Sunday, January 29, 2023

Miracle Sundays: Healing from a Break-up

Break-ups come in different forms. The most obvious, of course, are romantic relationship break-ups. Break-ups also happen with friends and sometimes leaving your job feels like a break-up. That's how I felt when I went through the process of deciding to leave my job. It was painful and I moped for a long time. It's worse when you are laid off or forced to move. 

I can just imagine how anxious one gets when faced with change. Especially when it affects your future. I have experienced the break-up process several times. My heart broke each and every time. It even came to a point where it had to be literally repaired. Through the years though I realized that I'm one tough cookie. 

Different organizations present different stages of break-ups. It can be anywhere from 5 to 13 stages. Emotions run very high and you can end up doing things you may regret. Move on gracefully. You will be in shock, in denial, angry, depressed, and it usually takes a long time before you finally accept and be at peace. 

I've learned through the years that burying your emotions is not good. Accept the pain and let it run its course. Don't grieve alone. Surround yourself with friends you trust. If they really know you, they will wait until you are ready to talk. In my case, I usually mark the end of the process with a blog post. I do that because I feel it will be helpful to share what I have learned. 

There is no shortcut to healing. You just need to go through the process. You have to remember though, changes in your life whether you have control over it or not is a re-direction to your new path. Sometimes you are so stubborn, God has to do something drastic. Like what happened to me when I was forced to move to another company (a.k.a. laid off/illegal dismissal). After dealing with the grief I threw myself at learning new skills. What happened was a blessing in disguise. Making peace with what happened eventually led me to my new path. 

You will be okay. You are a tough cookie. And remember, God is always with you.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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