Thursday, January 5, 2023

Throwback Thursday: Do You Remember Ziggy

Found an old Ziggy toy while unboxing our kitchen stuff the other day. Ziggy is a comic strip character made by Tom Wilson. The character was very popular when I was a child and was used by different brands for their promos. 

We used to always have Tang orange juice at home and that's how I got to collect Ziggy toys. This one was a toy you can use as a puppet. I collected a handful of Ziggy toys, but I remember giving it to Fr. Henry Free, CP. He was one of our jolly priests in our parish. As a child I thought he looked a lot like Ziggy. Good thing he was so good natured he found it funny and accepted my gift of Ziggys.

I don't remember when Fr. Henry went back to the US. Only found out now after doing a quick Google search that he passed away in 2016. Found his photo posted on the Passionists' website. The photos is exactly as I remember him. Jolly, always smiling and always ready to give out hugs. He was also always the most playful among the priests we had back then. I'm sad he's already gone and I can just imagine him laughing now as I remember him. 

I'm going to keep the photo I found to  myself because I feel Fr. Henry will pinch me in my sleep if I post it. I shall put the little toy now on top of my craft room TV to always remind me of Fr. Henry Free, CP. Please give hugs for me to my loved ones up there in heaven Fr. Henry <3

#BeKind #StaySafe

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