Friday, January 6, 2023

2023 Bucket List

I had dedicated Fridays to write about my travels, lakwatsa and food. I have been taking photos wherever I go and told myself I'll write about it someday. It's more fun though to write about recent experiences since memories do fade away. I rarely get to go out nowadays, so I thought I'd make Fridays as a free flow day where I could write about anything I feel like writing about. It could still be about lakwatsas, maybe some tech or about the cats that adopted us. 

Well, I still want to make lakwatsa. Sweetie and I talked about traveling locally more when we were still in Singapore. Last year we were only about to go to Tagaytay once and Bohol. Picked up the virus on the flight back home from Bohol and that ended our adventures. Took a few months before I was well enough to do grocery runs. Really grateful to my boys and my doctors for helping me. 

Here's what I hope to do "outdoors" this year -

  1. Monthly grocery run (or every 3 weeks is fine). 
  2. Brunch date with my boys. 
  3. Get to dine at my favorite YouTube chefs restaurant (i.e. Chef Tatung, Chef RV etc.) and try out other interesting food places. 
  4. A domestic destination that requires a flight (we still need to use Sweetie's travel fund!).
  5. The beach, maybe Batangas or Subic
  6. Baguio!
  7. Celebrate special occasions somewhere nice.
  8. Visit my fave malls! Glorietta, SM and Landmark (haha, yes, I've been home since 2021 but have not visited even the nearest SM to me!).
  9.  Explore my home city more.
  10. Of course, visit nearby churches. 

From God Whispers

Huge dependency though on my health, but as Dr. Joe Dispenza advised, "Manifest it!" So let's see how 2023 goes!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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