Saturday, January 7, 2023

Plantita Saturdays: My Ambitious Gardening Bucket List!

I have more misses than hits in my gardening adventures last year. The only plants that I grew from seed that are still alive are the carrots, blue ternate and sili (dying though). The ornamental plants from my Mom and Ate Rose are still thriving. The ginger and tumeric I propagated from kitchen scraps are still growing (hopefully). The succulents I have are dying because of the cold (except the kalanchoe). 

Someday my garden will be as lush as this!

It was a challenging gardening year, but I think I have a better idea now of what grows well in my garden. I understand better where the sun is, what fertilizers and soil to use. The thing I have to curb is, over-watering! My Mom told me that she waters everything everyday. What I did not realize is her garden gets much more sun than mine and I should really check the soil before watering my plants. I also need to make sure I only have enough plants I could take care of.

Here's my plan this year for my garden:

  1. Prepare the garden properly. Our garden is flanked with bamboo. They were the right size when we moved in, but didn't realize they'd grow so tall! Well, it killed the grass because it couldn't get enough sunlight. We'll have to tame the bamboo and do something about the grass coz it's gotten very muddy. 
  2. Address drainage issue in the garden. 
  3. Assign an area for growing veggies so they get enough sunlight. 
  4. Assign an area for ornamental plants. 
  5. Get some indoor plants that are low maintenance. 
  6. Cultivate veggies and herbs that are useful for cooking (onions!). 
  7. Don't get overly excited over acquiring seeds. 
  8. Study first before planting anything so your effort is not wasted. 
  9. Be consistent with fertilizers and pesticides. 
  10. Be always well so you can take care of your plants!
Gardening has been challenging, but a good activity to calm one's mind. I hope to have a better 2023 in my garden!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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