Friday, December 13, 2019

Rebuilding Me and a Surprise Quilt

The past year has been a stressful year for me and by November I was barely functioning properly. It was a mix of many things and I thought it was the best time for me to take a long break. I have been really ruthless with myself and I was told I should love myself and be selfish for once. As much as I felt guilty dropping things I knew it was best for me to take a break. So thank you to all those who supported me these last few weeks and for releasing me so I can rest and relax for now.

My coping mechanism is rock solid. I know when I can, when I can't and when it's time for me to hit the panic button. After a hard day's work I usually spend time doing something creative at home. Like my Mom I can never be bored at home and can spend days without going out. I quilt, crochet, work on my scrapbook (yes I still make scrapbooks!), read, cook, bake and of course there's Netflix, Spotify, YouTube. There's so much to do at home! Things hum along nicely when I can do any one of my hobbies at night.

When I travel I have a bag that contains my current project (usually a quilting project). I sew on the plane or at the hotel after work. I do go out, but I compared to normal people I need more time to rest. I guess my age is also catching up with me and I need to decompress, clear my brain cache and just basically reset. I had not been able to enjoy my free time the past year. I've been too exhausted to do anything when I get home and I did some crazy travel the past few months.

The last few weeks to keep my balance I embarked on a grateful project. I made a quilt project for friends who recently tied the knot. It was truly a labor of love since I had to work overtime to finish it in time for the wedding (hello eyebags!). I call it the grateful project because this two people have been taking care of me for a long time now and I wanted to show how much I appreciate them and their friendship.

One thing I didn't anticipate though was the size of the project. It was huge and heavy! I couldn't find a gift bag or box to make it fit! So I had a brilliant idea of sneaking in the blanket in their room. With special agents Paola, Hester and Ate Ingrid we snuck in their room during the festivities. We had staged the perfect surprise. Here's how we made it work -

The is my first vlog after almost six years! That's probably how long I haven't really been giving myself any love. I hope bringing out the creative side of me will help heal me so I can serve again at the level I usually do.