Monday, May 13, 2013

Vote 2013

When I was a kid my Dad stressed out that we had to vote. I became a registered voter when I was just 15 years old so I could participate in the Sangguniang Kabataan elections. I wasn't able to vote though in the 1992 elections because I was still underage. Even so my Dad encouraged me to be a participative citizen. Before I became a full-fledged voter I had already experienced being a PPCRV volunteer and a pollwatcher.

In the last few years though my health hasn't allowed me to volunteer to help out with the elections so I had to find new ways of being participative. In 2010, me and Google-engineer friend, Dan Delima, came up with the app Find Your Precinct. I thought that the clustering of 280,000 precincts to just 80,000 was going to create confusion among voters. And this held true as I saw a lot of disgruntled voters in 2010 who didn't know that their precinct location changed.

I pushed to get out of medical leave so I could help run the project again and I'm really happy that we had 30 precinct mapUps across the country in the last 3 weeks. This also allowed citizens to participate in the elections and potentially help millions of voters who need help to locate their precincts. [To all those who volunteered thank you for the bottom of my newly repaired heart!] Google Philippines also came out with an elections page which helped me check the list of candidates in the national and local elections (I didn't like the thought of scouting for flyers or going to the barangay hall to check the list).

My precinct a day before.

It's still early, please go out and vote! If you aren't registered then maybe you can help map more precincts by going to!

[BTW, thank you to the DepEd teachers, our community doctor (Dr. Guzman), and neighbors for assisting me so I didn't have to line up to vote. The heat was really awful and could've spelled disaster for me.]

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Precinct Mapping

Getting people to map has been my passion in the last few years and I'm glad I found a buddy who can translate my idea into something useful for a lot of people. Couple that with a company and friends and community who supports crazy ideas equals a useful app for voters and those who want to volunteer.

I really pushed hard to get back to work in order to run this project again for this year's election and I was deliriously happy when it was featured on Jessica Soho's State of the Nation and ANC Alerts.

Weee! Thanks a heap Dan, Gail, Ryan, Vince, Reymart, Juned, Chelle, Allan, Vanj, JR, Theo, Bernie, Yen, Anne, Richard, Noel, Avel, Doc Remo, Andrew, Clint, Ryann, Ruben, Bino, AJ, Fatz, Yunel and the many, many people who contributed to make this project successful (hope I didn't forget anyone!).

*This post was blogged on a Chromebook! (A borrowed one hehe).