Saturday, May 30, 2009

Simple Joys

Why is it as you add more days to your life things seem to get more complicated? Or does it mean that you become less innocent, that's why things get more complicated? Does age make people more wary? 

I dunno I just realized how things are much more different today than it was five years ago. I don't think I have changed much since a few years ago. I'm still very much cowboy and prefer living a simple life. And inasmuch as I'm a lakwatsera, I prefer to stay at home when I'm in town. 

After spending the weekend with my girl friends and Miguel, I realized that I miss doing so many things and these were things that made me deliriously happy a few years ago:

1. The 200-peso Wendy's challenge. Every once in awhile, my staff-turned-barkada and I would head to Wendy's after work. I would shell out PhP200 buy burgers, fries and iced tea for all 5 to 6 of us (yup kasya siya!). We'd also spend a couple of hours just chatting at Wendy's.

2. Wengweng and Chicken Sisig. Back when I was still allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, my best friend and I would spend our Friday evenings at Giligans. Of course, we were both unattached back then and had the time of our lives sipping Weng-weng. And I'd never forget the time that I had to do a McGyver on her sandals. LOL.

3. Monday morning reporting. Every Monday morning I'd have my staff give weekly reports. I was very strict with this. I had set targets for their work and usually left them alone to do their thing the whole week. Everyone looked forward to Monday meetings because we'd usually move immediately to fun matters when they report that they have completed or exceeded their targets. I got complaints from the manager next door because my team was very noisy. LOL. BUT, my boss was very cool about it since she knew we were meeting our targets (she never told us to shut up). 

4. Mantrade and the FX. I could only laugh now at the time that I spent a couple of months sulking in the FX on the way to work. The other passengers probably thought I was crazy because I'd be so emo (read: crying) on the way to work. They probably thought I hated my work so much I'd cry about it every morning, but that was over a broken heart. Ambaduy! I also miss Mantrade since I worked in that area for 5 years. And I miss the kwek-kwek and the White House longganisa.

5. Pink. I know now it's funny. And my other best friend is thankful that I've gotten over my pink phase. Oh yes, like Elle Woods I used to wear pink almost every day to work. HR got hooked by it and had the Wednesday uniform in pink (I had nothing to do with it promise)! And I'd only wear the uniform on Wednesdays. LOL.  

And I miss having the time to dabble on my bead-work. Oh well, things change. Cheerios! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I did not want to write about this, but it's been hounding me for a week already. I did not want to write about it because I felt I was going to sound like my parents. But I realized I am a parent and if I do not stand my ground about the issue then my son would probably get mixed signals from me.

I cannot help but admire how my Kuya brought up his kids. His eldest just turned 20 years old this month and I could not forget how he answered the question about getting hooked on adult content. He was just about 15 then and had just gotten his own PC and his own room. This spelled privacy and more freedom to do whatever activity without parental supervision. His parents were scared that he might get addicted to stuff that's not right for him. 

His answer was very plain and candid. He said, "I am not going to go that way because pron* is not good. It shows disrespect for what God has given us." We were taken aback by his very mature reply and his parents knew then that they have formed him well. Now at 20 he is on his own in a faraway land and we all know that he will be alright (I do peek at his FB every once in awhile, I'm his Tita anyway). 

I was really saddened last week seeing how people have been proliferating more interest about the tragedies of other people. Everyone makes mistakes, but that does not give us the right to be voyeurs to that tragedy. It's unbelievable too how much justification can be conjured just to prove that it's okay.  And it's more sad that people will start attacking your own person just because they do not agree with your position. Geez. 


*sadyang misspelled

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Orangutan Diet

We were at the Crocodile Farm in Davao last weekend when we chanced upon this orangutan. It was taking a nap with its bottom pressed to the side of the cage.

One of my friends said she'll post the photo on her ref so she'll lose her appetite. LOL.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Charice, the Little Girl with the Big Voice

Before Charice became THE CHARICE I watched her compete on Little Big Star and I thought she had such an awesome voice as young as she was back then. Eventually my Pinoy colleagues started talking about her when one of them chanced upon her video on Youtube and that was weeks before people started talking about her here.

And she definitely made it BIG. An international star at such a young age.

A few weeks ago I got a chance to witness the big voice from the little girl (as Oprah coined says Charice) at the launch of her new album "Charice, my Inspiration". And she was simply awesome! You'd really wonder where she gets the power of her voice since she is very tiny. She sang a couple of songs from her new album, including the duet with her Mom. It was touching to see how they both just focused on each other as they did their duet (Charice's Mom is shy, she never looked at the audience during the song hehe).

I wonder if Charice when will Charice visit Google/Youtube hehe.

Check out more info about her new album over at

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dad at 76

Happy, happy birthday to the best Dad in the whole wide world!

I cannot help but admire my Dad. He has definitely lived his life to the fullest and has served so many people! The other day on the way to Lucban my Mom told a story about how they used to visit the high-security section of the Muntinlupa City jail. 

I was a kid back then and all I remember about it are the frames and decor that they would bring home whenever they visited. I didn't know that Dad helped out some to go free because they were innocent. And that's just one of the many services that Dad has done, I know because we used to get a lot of fruit, pastries and even chickens as gratitude payment for his help (we still do actually).

And that's what my Dad has instilled in all of us. I just hope I measure up someday!

**Photo by Miguel. So now you guys know where I got my nose :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Here's a public service announcement for our little friends (my heart is still broken over having to give up Jolly). I'd love to have another puppy, but my health just wouldn't permit it.

Dine with Paws
May 30, 2009, 6:30 p.m.
SM Mall of Asia Music Hall
For tickets please call 0917-8352405

Friday, May 15, 2009

This Year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

It gets harder every year... but here's my list of what I think are the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2009:

1. Marikina City Life - I admire those who make place blogs about their neighborhood and I know Sweetie works hard for this blog.

2. Numbrd - sometimes it all boils down on the numbers. I love how this blog interprets life through numbers.

3. TechnoMaria - I am as technologically-challenged as Ria is and her blog reminds me of what I should continue doing for (LOL), but she is definitely a more prolific blogger than I am.

4. China Doll in the Philippines - read her blog and you'll know how I was back when I was her age. :D

5. A Photographic Saga - I wish I had at least a pinky of his talent. Check out his photos. `nuff said.

6. The Thirsty Blogger - very niche and unique!

7. Pinoy Tech Podcast - there's so much to talk about local tech!

And I'm still going to search for the last 3!

In choosing these blogs what I mainly considered is content, how it's written (I don't like blogs that sound like they just copied off from PR sheets) and whether the blogger bothered to take their own photos (no plagiarism please!). I'm very picky as well about blogs that I add on my reader since I don't have that much free time to read (especially lately), so the blog has to have heart and passion.

Join the writing project! Just head on to Janette's blog for the mechanics.

Update: Here's my last 3 picks -

8. Gagong Kasabihan - very Pinoy quips that will give you a headache just thinking about it.

9. Cebu Bloggers - community blog site of Cebu bloggers.

10. - ahhh, my favorite vlogger has done it again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Magicalympics at Enchanted Kingdom

The last time I was at Enchanted Kingdom was years ago, so I jumped at the chance to join the bloggers caravan upon the invitation of EK (I kept my promise Richard!). 

I woke up really early on Sunday since Sweetie and I wanted to attend the 7:15 a.m. mass at Greenbelt and have breakfast after. We had an happy-mumu breakfast at Wendy's because we were joined by Winston, VanJohn and Bryan (who I heard has a huge crush on...). [Update: Bryan is now contesting that it's Van who has a huge crush on...]

Anyway, back to the EK post. After eating we bought water and saw Fritz looking lost near Intercon (we were lost too!) and luckily saw Jonel being given instructions by a Manong at the end of the open-parking lot.  We were to take the ITEX Shuttle Service to EK (details on how at the end of the post).

There is something about theme parks that always bring out the kid in you. It's a warm, fuzzy feeling and you feel giddy all-over. (Did you guys feel it too?).

Anyway, I honestly dreaded the Magicalympics since I felt I was going to have a hard time and end up having asthma. My Dad also warned me to take it easy and not get myself injured. Had I known about the game we were going to play I would've probably declined the invitation.


Dodgem or the bump cars was our first challenge. We basically had to retrieve 5 flags. It was no easy feat since we had to fight off the staff who would block our way to the flags. This is where I got some bruises since the staff bumped our car really hard and I fell off the seat, good thing EK has a First Aid Station.

Next was the Wheel of Fate (ferris wheel) where we had to solve a puzzle. It wasn't easy for us either since most of the members of the team were scared of heights.

Then we had to do a bit of singing at the Steeplechase Arcade. Check out how bigay na bigay the boys were.

We also got to experience hanging out at the Rio Grande, watching the Lego Racers Movie at the Rialto, finding horses at the Grand Carousel, doing the longest line game at the Junior Kart Trak, cooling off at the Flying Fiesta, but the most memorable challenge (and ride) was at the Log Jam.

I knew I was going to get wet at the Log Jam. I always did in previous visits. What I did not know though was I was going to get REALLY WET. At the Log Jam we were required to wear a headband with a plastic cup on it and the staff filled-up the cup with water (check out the photo below). At the end of the ride my cup was just half-full and I was wet all over!

Anyway, our team may have ended up on fifth place (out of 5! LOL), but we surely bonded a lot and just enjoyed all the challenges. I'm really surprised that I enjoyed and survived the day. 

Park: San Lorenzo South, City of Sta. Rosa
Laguna, Philippines
Office: Ground Floor, The Biltmore Condominium
102 Aguirre St., Legaspi Village
Makati City, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (632) 8302111 to 16

Regular Day Pass: PhP400 (Weekday); PhP500 (Weekend)
Carousel Special: Php150 (Weekday); PhP150 (Weekend)
Junior Day Pass: PhP250 (Weekday); PhP320 (Weekend), for children 36"to 47""

If you don't have transpo just call up ITEX Shuttle Service at (632) 811-4839 to 43 or 0917-8984839

See more photos in my Picasa Web Album.

Friday, May 8, 2009


When I was a kid I thought it was funny that a band was named after a local dish - Menudo. I loved them though.

I was about ten years old when I begged my Dad to watch their concert at the Folk Arts Theater. We were somewhere in the middle and I remember having to stand on a chair just to see them (everyone was standing up). My Dad covered his ears just to drown out the screaming audience (including me).


The next time that the band came my Dad refused to go with me. So I asked my Kuya to accompany me. My Kuya then was still courting my sister-in-law and to make pasikat he bought us front row tickets for the Araneta concert! I certainly enjoyed the concert since I got winks from the band members (Ricky Martin FTW!) since I was the only kid in the row. Yun nga lang I went home hungry since we didn't have money anymore for snacks afterwards. LOL. 

I just suddenly remembered how obsessed I used to be with the Menudo when I was a kid coz one of their songs was played on the radio this afternoon. I had my parents buy me posters, magazines, casette tapes and other Menudo stuff. I ended up reminiscing in the cab on the way home when this song (If You're Not Here) played over the radio. 

Urkk! After being so boy-crazy over Menudo I promised myself I'd never be as obsessed over another band ever again. And I did... and then Leonardo Dicaprio came along.

Geeezzz... So what's your favorite Menudo song?