Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Made My First Christmas Tree Skirt

I started this project last year in Singapore. Originally planned to finish it during quarantine, but I ended up resting. Only started sewing after Christmas since we were busy. I was also iffy if I should continue the project at some point since I realized I should have done my original plan (santa-tree-santa-tree). Oh well, it was already pieced together so I thought I'd finish it to learn a couple of things. 

It was my first time to make a tree skirt. It took me some time to make the template. I dug up some Manila paper to make sure my measurements were correct. The ones I saw on Pinterest and FB groups looked really polished and beautiful. I told myself I could always make a new one in the future, besides I started putting up several Christmas trees last year, haha. 

Piecing the design together was easy. It was quite gnarly to sandwich the batting and backing fabric since the project is quite big. I had fun quilting it though since it was my first time to use metallic colored thread (it's inexpensive when you buy it here locally). As it took shape I liked the design a bit more everyday. 

I got stuck making the mustache. I made a huge mustache for another project and I made the mistake of adding the batting after I sewed it. With the small mustache for this project, I ironed on the fabric on interfacing first, then sewed it with the batting and backing together. It was a bit difficult to flip it, but it was faster than adding the batting after. 

I also struggled with the nose. I thought it would be as easy as making pincushions. My Mom taught me how to make those the summer before high school. Making noses was a bit difficult. I eventually got the hang of it after making half a dozen noses. Lesson learned, use filler instead of leftover batting. It shapes better. 

Eventually assembled Santa's face. I decided to alternate Santa and gnome (Santa doesn't wear green afaik). Turned out cute, but I'll change the design when I eventually make a new tree skirt. 

#BeKind #Staysafe

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