Saturday, January 1, 2022

2022, New Year in Manila

Ahh new year in Manila once again. A year ago we were forced to celebrate the new year far from our family. It was a very quiet new year in Singapore since they only do fireworks at a central location. That was one of the things we missed, so last night we watched fireworks from our window. It wasn't a lot compared to previous years, but enough to feel the spirit of the new year roll-in. 

Well, we were lucky to still see fireworks because it was supposed to be prohibited in Paranaque City. We even heard a caravan go around earlier in the day reminding everyone that fireworks were prohibited. We heard a drone flying around from 11 p.m., not sure if it was for leisure or if they were checking for violators (Big Brother isdatu???). It was heartwarming to know that some of our new neighbors were having parties. Our new neighborhood is quiet most of the time, but there was someone belting at odd tones until three in the morning. We're really back home! Hahaha. 

She was so happy she got the original flavor.

The funny thing is we ended up ordering late dinner/media noche. Sweetie and I were running around the whole day cleaning the house. I had a brilliant idea to mop the floor around 7 in the evening. Of course, it sapped all my energy and I couldn't cook anymore. Before that I did some laundry, watered the plants, did some planting and puttered around the kitchen. Sometimes I forget my energy is very limited, haha. I made up for it today and made creamy chicken bacon and thyme, potato salad and pineapple glazed ham. It's truly a miracle I'm able to do those things. I'm sure I'm going to take a nap after washing the dishes hahaha. 

I decided not to write specific goals for this year. I just want to be kinder, learn to listen better, be healthier and be more prayerful. The one thing I want to do is focus on my family, build a loving home where we can create more happy memories. And do my best for Mom. 

2022 didn't start with the media noche I had in mind, it was just a bit delayed. We were still able to have a fun New Year lunch as a family. Cheers to a kinder, healthier and more loving 2022! 

Happy New Year everyone!

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