Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Wellness Wednesdays: How to Keep Your Peace

I got very sick following the events that happened last May. I was truly heartbroken and that was topped off with other issues that I had to deal with. My doctor had to issue me additional medication to resolve the issue. Once I started breathing better I resolved to work harder at keeping my peace and not to get stressed. My doctors warned me several times already, stress will kill me. 

Cooling down by sandwiching myself between two fans. LOL.

The past week and a half have been quite stressful. My boys got infected with COVID-19 and I felt my body was also battling it. I went through strange symptoms early last week. The many prayers by family and friends, plus my maintenance medications probably saved me*. I was also bent on staying well so I could take care of my boys. 

He's happy coz I gave
him some chocolate.
I focused just on taking care of my boys. I knew it was going to take a toll on my body, so I drastically controlled things that could trigger stress. It was the only way to make sure I could feed the boys until dinner. When you truly know your kryptonite, you can avoid the potholes that could ruin your day.

I've shared the best advise I got from a doctor and I'm going to share it again. STAY OFFLINE. If you can't really stay offline, use a digital wellbeing app to determine and curb your online behavior. I still go online to read the news, read messages from friends and scroll through social media to see what my friends are doing, but I control how much time I spend on it. I've been spending so much time away from my phone it freaks out my friends when I don't respond to their messages immediately. 

My oxygen saturation has improved. My daily step count average has increased by 1,000 and I fall asleep faster now. The past two weeks have certainly been challenging, but I've been at peace. Keeping my peace has been key so I could take care of my boys. We're still waiting until their symptoms are clear before we can be reunited. I hope and pray that will come soon.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. 

*Watch this video by Doc Gerry Tan on how nasal spray can prevent COVID-19 infection. 

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