Sunday, August 7, 2022

Miracle Sundays: My Boys are Back!

My boys are finally free! The doctor advised to extend their quarantine to protect me. After more than two weeks they have both finished their isolation. They are still wearing masks outside when walking around and keeping a distance when we eat. That's fine since I could give back hugs. We've scheduled to come clean and disinfect the house. It's good to do that since we don't really know if the virus could live on surfaces. 

I'm truly grateful for all the prayers and support. Thank you to all those who prayed for us and sent us help. We overcame the challenge because of all the prayers and support. Aside from sending food and water, what also helped was the moral support. Family and friends reached out to check on us and give advise. 

The boys went through a few rough days and they had the most annoying cough. They both sought advise from a doctor through AIDE app. She was the same doctor that took care of them when they had the flu last June. I think it really helped that we caught the symptoms early. Aside from the medication, we supplemented it with essential oils, salabat, Lola Remedios and I diffused oils in the hallway to purify the air. 

I also felt some symptoms during the first week. I think my medications, using essential oils and taking VCO helped reduce the viral load. That, lots of prayers and my guardian angel protected me and we're truly thankful that we are all feeling better now. 

My prayer for healing continues. COVID-19 doesn't end when you're no longer infectious. It can cause other issues. Told the boys that we have to keep moving to prevent clotting. Eat properly to prevent diabetes. Do deep breathing to prevent lung issues. Monitor vital signs to catch possible myocarditis. We have to take care of our bodies to prevent other issues. One of the things I want to do with the boys is go walking everyday. Since it's raining I'll re-start spinning again. 

It's a happy day for our family today. Hope you are all doing great. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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