Friday, August 5, 2022

Lakwatsera Fridays: Our Happy Family Vacation in Bohol

When Sweetie said he had some travel fund expiring we tossed around ideas on where to go. We decided to go to Bohol since that was the last place we visited in 2019. It felt bitin so we thought we needed to give it closure. We defined our trip goals since we had to work around my medical condition. You really need to plan properly when traveling with someone who has health issues. 

We originally planned to go in June to celebrate their birthdays, but they both had the flu. We re-booked it a few weeks later to avoid the rainy season. Well, it was a blessing in disguise because a waterspout appeared during the week we were supposed to be there and it was a wet week. The weather was perfect the week we were there. 

Friends have been asking where we stayed and what did we do. Finally finished our travel diary vlog, so here it is --

After a lot of deliberation we decided to stay at Modala Beach Resort. It had a mall adjacent to it which saved us the trouble of taking a tricycle to the town to eat. We were so happy that one of a favorite restos, Mooon, had a branch at the strip. We also finally got to try eating at the Bohol Bee Farm restaurant. That also meant we had ice cream everyday we were there. Well, you can also check out our "Happy Tummies in Bohol" vlog here -

It was a really great family vacation for us. We were able to rest and relax and staying under the sun effectively reset my sleep pattern! My body is finally back in Asian timezone haha. We were also able to pamper our bodies with a massage and foot scrub. It was overall a chill and happy vacation and we'll probably come back soon!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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