Thursday, August 4, 2022

Throwback Thursday: A Taste of Bacolod

Dear friends surprised us the other day with goodies from Bacolod. They sent inasal from Nena's Rose, chocolate cake from Calea and piaya from Virgie's. Wow! Our tummies were very happy and the experience immediately transported me to Bacolod. 

Bacolod is one of my favorite local destinations. There's so much you can eat and do there. The five pounds I gained staying there for a week did not go away, haha. Here's some of my unforgettable moments and activities from Bacolod -


My favorite inasal restaurant is Nena's Rose. That's definitely one place I'd like to visit again. My craving has been managed for now with the inasal friends sent us the other day. Another great place to dine in is at Bob's. Most unforgettable though was when we visited North Negros College. They laid out a feast for us! It included the fresh prawns and lobster. Best bacon in the whole wide world award though goes to Sugarland Hotel. And if ever you swing by Silay, go visit Cafe 1925.

Pasalubong Shopping

Bacolod is the sugar capital of the Philippines. There are many places you can buy pasalubong from. One of my favorites is El Ideal. We usually pass by it's original bakery on the way to Cadiz. They have bottomless goodies! Another favorite is the fresh piaya my friend gets from the market. Nothing like getting them fresh. For now they usually get me Virgie's piaya which is best served warm. I like having it for merienda. 


My most favorite thing to do whenever I go to Bacolod is head to Cadiz City. Once there we hop on a boat and go to Carbin Reef. The last time we were there though the sea became moody. We had the most adventurous ride back to Cadiz City. The boatmen though are all very skilled and I just enjoyed it like a roller coaster ride. I'd do it again to visit Carbin Reef again. 

Carbin Reef

Most unforgettable activity I've done in Bacolod is trek the Mambukal mountain to see the waterfalls. That was I think the last time I went trekking since I couldn't walk properly a week after that activity, haha. The trek though was worth it because we saw a lot of beautiful waterfalls across the trail. It was very challenging for me and the guide didn't leave me until I was safely back down. I won't be able to do it at my present state, but I'm glad I did it back then. 

Well, a place is more fun to visit when you're in good company. I will always look back at my visits and remember that I ate all the good food and enjoyed the activities because I was with amazing friends. We'll be back in good time. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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