Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Wellness Wednesdays: My Pain Reliever Collection

Friends have been reaching out to me to ask what ointments I use. So very Tita! Hahaha. Well, I am one since I have a lot of nephews and nieces and a gazillion people call me Ate too. It's been a week and a half since my arm started feeling painful. Ouchieeee! I probably injured myself from unboxing and transferring some heavy items. Oh yes, I got myself in trouble while the boys were in isolation. 

Usually some exercises my physiotherapist taught me would fix the issue. My mistake was continuing to work whenever my arm felt better. We're really afraid to go to a doctor now because of the increased number of cases. I haven't even set my follow-up appointment with my cardiologist. The last time we were in the hospital there were people coughing everywhere. We haven't been able to visit my Mom also since the boys are still coughing. 

Anyway, to alleviate the pain I've been exercising my arm, putting on some ointment and Salonpas. I drank Panadol for a few days when the pain was unbearable. I've had this pain before and it was solved through physiotherapy. I've been using some of my ointments and oils though this past week. Here's what I have --

Salonpas - this is the first pain reliever I used haha. There are now many different variants and the one that provides the most heat is the "Tiger Balm" patch (only available in Singapore so far). I still prefer Salonpas because you get burned if you forget to remove the Tiger Balm patch at least an hour before you take a bath (a lesson I learned the hard way). Salonpas has many variants too, so far I like the ones that come from Japan. 

BSI Medicated Spray - I learned about this I think from a local doctor. I used to have a lot of leg cramps and he recommended this since it's used by a lot of athletes. We have beside our bed in case of rude awakenings caused by cramps. I rarely use it for my legs now and tried it on my arm last week. It worked well. 

Tiger Balm - I started using Tiger Balm when I lived in Singapore. They use it for all types of pain! I normally use it for headaches and other body pain. I don't use it now since I think it needs to be replaced already haha. I have asked a friend to buy a replacement for me. 

Panaway by Young Living - I use this oil together with V6 carrier oil. It's what I've been using it for my arm this past week. I use a roller to slather it on and then I lightly massage my arm. Pain is usually gone after a few minutes. It's also good for bruises. Do check with your doctor though if you take meds because it can interact with it. 

Deep Relief by Young Living - I mainly got this essential oil blend for Sweetie when he was doing rehab for his knee. It's really good to use after exercise since it helps relieve tension in your muscles. I use it sparingly since it can interact with my meds (those blood thinners are really nasty!). 

Fastum Gel - this was prescribed to me by my spine doctor. It helped alleviate pain in my lower back. I used it once or twice this past week for my arm. My doctor repeatedly told me though not to use it after two weeks of application. He said to give it a rest in between uses.

Rumalaya - my doctor originally prescribed the joint supplement when I was having severe backpain. It really helped! He also gave me this ointment to try. It's what I've been using this past week to relieve my arm pain. I think it's working well with the exercises I've been doing. The boys also use it. 

My friend was shocked with my collection of pain relievers, haha. I was asking her about her heat lamp since heat would help my arm. It was a very tita conversation, hahaha. I realized as you age you really need to surround yourself with people your age. They would understand the changes in your body and provide advise on what you could do. 

Managing pain is something you should do. I cannot function very well when something is painful, especially if it's toothache level kind of pain. I was flat on my back last Monday and I had a slight fever because of the pain. Sweetie was really worried and kept checking my temp. He only relaxed when my temp went down after taking some Biogesic. The Biogesic also helped with the pain, so I was finally able to move around by evening. Whew!

Of course, please check with your doctor before using stuff on yourself! If you notice I don't have Vicks on my list. I'm unfortunately allergic to some variants of it, so I just avoid using it. 

Hope you're having a great, healthy day!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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