Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Craft Tuesdays: Preparing the Binding for the T-shirt Memory Quilt Project

My arm felt a bit better today, so I resolved to make the bias tape/binding tape for the t-shirt memory quilt project I've been working on. I've not been able to work on it for a month now. My plan is to finish it, by hook or by crook before my birthday! Haha. 

Luckily, I already cut the fabric to make binding before I went on break. Finding it though was a challenge! I looked through the boxes in my fabric cabinet and couldn't find it. I eventually gave up looking and prepared the table to just cut a new batch. I was looking for a pencil when I found the strips in my sewing basket. This just means I need to do some tidying up in my craft/maker room. 

Set-up the table with the wool pad and silicon baking sheets to help absorb the heat. I usually use an ironing pad at the base too, but I got lazy today. I have to protect my sewing table to make it last longer. I already checked and they don't sell similar tables here in the Philippines. 

Took me two hours to finish 8 binding strips. I was taking it slowly so I don't irritate my angry arm nerves. The salonpas probably helped since I finished it without pain. Tomorrow I'll attempt to start binding the quilt. It's already loooong overdue and I want to work on other projects already!

I still prefer to make my own bias tape since it's quite expensive to buy. I use a bias tape maker which has helped me immensely. I used to make it by hand without an iron! It's really important to keep learning about your hobby because it will make you grow and develop. I do most of my projects now with a gadget and I'm able to complete projects faster. Happy crafter, happy me! 

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