Saturday, August 6, 2022

Plantita Saturdays: Propagating Ginger and Tumeric

The past two and a half weeks has been challenging. The boys are doing much better now and I hope I could have them back this weekend. With the boys away I found the time to finally propagate ginger and tumeric. 

I don't have my Mom's green thumb. She told me you can stick anything in soil and it will grow. I had some extra ginger and just planted it. It just rotted and died. My Mom has magical powers over plants because planting scraps directly in soil never worked for me. 

I watched Epic Gardening's video on propagating ginger and learned that you should put it in water first so it could grow roots. This is how they looked over a week ago -

The ginger now has roots, but the tumeric is taking some time to grow roots. I'll probably switch the water today to rain water. That should hasten the process. 

I think I'll keep them in water for a week or two more. It's been raining a lot and the lack of sun might not be good for them. My garden now looks like a forest because of all the nutrients it's getting from rainwater. My drum is full of rainwater now and that will make the plants happy even when it stops raining.

Hope the ginger and tumeric I propagated will result in a good harvest eventually :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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