Monday, August 8, 2022

Home on Monday: Keeping Your Home Tidy

I'm on a journey to get my home fixed and get it tidy. Since the boys were in isolation for two weeks I decided to do something about our "Studio Ghibli inspired" home. Merging two homes is really hard. We have two of everything in our kitchen. And you can just imagine how much clothes we have from shuttling back and forth between Manila and Singapore. 

I know I have to aggressively reduce our things. Keeping those that spark joy has been a long and tedious process, so I needed a new strategy. I searched on YouTube and found a channel that seemed friendly for people like me. Kallie, the content creator, said that being tidy doesn't happen overnight. It's a journey.

So last weekend I embarked on the journey. I started by opening up the boxes from our old home. It was full of kitchen stuff. It was quite easy to set aside things we don't need anymore. We'll find new homes for our pre-loved items once we're done with our clean-up. 

I felt so accomplished when I emptied the boxes. I also sorted out the pile of paper bags and baking tools that need to go to the baking items cabinet. One thing I learned from the channel is you should follow the space that you have and not the other way around. That's good to know since we're planning to fix our kitchen cabinets soon. I could map out where I put everything before we work on it. 

Oh yes, it will definitely be a long journey before we could have a tidy home. Mom always kept everything tidy and clean. That's something I did not inherit from her, haha. But it's something I could learn :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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