Thursday, August 25, 2022

Throwback Thursday: Back When I was a Baby

My birthday is coming up and I thought I'd look at my baby pics. Last time I did was when we scanned it when Sweetie and I got married. Some of the photos show some of the things I already liked even as a child. 

The Beach

They used to call me "kutong tubig" (water flea). My parents always had a hard time getting me out of the water. I only learned my lesson when I got severely sun burnt once haha. I was deliriously happy when I was able to spend time at the beach in Panglao last July. Wish we could come back soon.

Being Playful

I remember running around with Daddy's slippers. Dad was also very ticklish and we normally show affection by tickling family. 

See that "Hello! I'm ___" sticker? 

This is where I got the idea for community mixer stickers. And this is me putting order in chaos. 

Introvert Me

I played Elizabeth at the Little Moppet Nursery School Christmas play. This was when I realized I don't really like performing in front of an audience. I was also extremely shy and didn't like crowds. I still don't. 


I never outgrew having stuffed toys and I collect Yoda figures. I came 13 years after my Kuya. I guess they were all excited because I ended up with so many toys. Mom still has some of them. 


I always had mocha cake for my birthday parties and that's still what I like. My taste has expanded though, but I still go back to mocha cake. 

One of the projects I want to work on in the coming months is to scan all our old family photos. I was lucky I was able to scan some of my baby photos before Typhoon Ondoy, but the scanning technology back then wasn't as good. Hope to find the photos so I can re-scan them. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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