Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Craft Tuesdays: Craft Room Wish List

I'm back in my craft room today. I was staying at the dining table so I could be nearer to the boys, but it's warmer today so I had to go downstairs. I haven't done any sewing in the past few weeks. The t-shirt memory quilt blanket is not done yet. I suspended working on it when we went to Bohol. I'll wait for the boys to get well first before I work on it again. 

The good news is we'll start working on getting our house properly fixed. That includes fixing the craft room. I actually call it the "maker room" since I don't just work on crafts. I use it to blog, edit videos and many other things. It's essentially my "cave" haha. It's really a tiny space. It's approximately 3.5 meters by 3.5 meters. Architect Wansi said we'll need to re-layout the space to maximize it. 

Thought I'd write out what I need to make the space perfect. 

Sewing Space

The sewing space doubles as my "desk" right now. I cut fabric, iron, use the sewing machine and even eat on it (especially on hot days). Ideally though the table for sewing should be different from where you iron and cut fabric (and definitely don't eat on it!). Well, space has been an issue so I'm thinking about the following options:

Have a central sewing table (still use the table I bought from Spotlight)

Install a fold-down table from the cabinet that can be used for ironing/cutting fabric

Or install a pull out table from the cabinet

Or have a table that can be folded when not used

Fabric and Knick-knacks Cabinet

I bought two steel cabinets to hold my fabric. It looked really good since I could see my stash. The truth is I now regret getting steel cabinets with glass doors. I organized the fabric but it still looks cluttered and with a small room it's better to keep things behind opaque cabinets. Architect Wansi suggested to build a proper cabinet that will have desk space. 

Here's what I need to store: fabric, sewing tools and equipment, cameras and equipment, quilting books, wadding and I need a nook for my meds (I keep them downstairs since it's cooler there). 

Quilt Design Wall

I see this often on quilting videos from other countries. Quilters have a wall which they use while working on piecing their projects. I just whatever free space I have (usually a bed) and it's tricky because you can never fully appreciate the design and colors. I wished I had a wall when I sandwiched the memory quilt. I tried hanging it on the curtain rod, but it did not work. So I'm hoping to have a quilt wall in the maker room. 

Also just discovered some nice channels on YouTube that provide ideas and suggestions when developing your craft/sewing/maker room. Ohhh, so excited!

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