Thursday, June 4, 2020

Peaceful in Penang

I've been to Penang twice. Once for work and then another time for a weekend vacay with family.

We decided to stay by the beach during our weekend vacation. I normally plan the flights and accommodation and then leave the tour itinerary to the boys. Normally when we travel we plan to visit just one place per day and then chill in the hotel the rest of the day.

Our first night we decided to walk around the area and check out the Batu Feringghi Night Market. We eventually got hungry and ended up at a seafood place where we had the freshest, yummiest food. We also got the perfect table just a stone's throw away from the sea. We were so full we decided to walk back to the hotel.

Georgetown was quite far from the beach area, we headed there just to roam around and show Miggy around. We ended up at Straits Quay Marina Mall as recommended by my friend Amir. In a previous trip Sweetie and I were able to visit the Ghost Museum which had a lot of nice stuff. It wasn't scary though.

We also ended up visiting the Muzium Negeri Pulau Pinang. We tried looking for the payment booth, but no one was around. The doors were open though and we got to roam around. That place definitely had spirits watching over it. The place was empty but we had a nagging feeling we were being watched so we didn't stay long.

It was a fun, but very short weekend for us. I now remember that we only stayed one night because we just wanted to check the area with Miggy. We didn't even have any check-in luggage! Ended up having to check in my Mom's sewing scissor! I forgot she had put it in my trolley bag when she left for Manila a few days before our trip. So that pair of scissors had an adventure before I got it back from the airline.

I hope someday we'd be able to visit again and explore more of Penang!

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