Thursday, June 25, 2020

Lazy Night

I was so drained after work and my creative juices are all gone. I just gobbled up sausage bread and some pasta I got from 7-Eleven last night. Yes, that's how lazy I am right now. I don't really want to move and just want to watch some videos. I did two loads of laundry right after work so probably that's why I feel so lazy right now.

Days like this I wish I was at the beach.

This is rare.

Normally I'm always doing something. If I were to just watch videos and not do anything else I'd likely fall asleep. I was planning to do some quilting tonight since I made progress on the Harry Potter blanket I've been working on. I've been working on it on Sundays since I normally bake/cook on Saturdays.

Last April I really had a hard time accepting the extension of the circuit breaker. I came to terms with it a few days after. I think moving to a new apartment helped a lot since the new environment got my creative juices flowing. Being home allowed me to explore the wonderful world of gardening, baking bread, cooking new dishes and quilt again.

And now I'm allowing myself to be lazy tonight. I was told this is one thing I need to work on for myself. Doing nothing is amazing.

So I'm ending this post with that thought. Good night everyone.

#CB//80 #WFH60 #StuckAtHomeDay/110 #StayHome #BeKind  

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