Wednesday, June 3, 2020

PT Again! Yay!

I had physiotherapy today! My therapist pinged me the good news last week that they were re-opening after June 1. She asked me if I wanted to come in. The last time I had physiotherapy was on April 2.

Dreaming of swimming here soon.

To be honest, exercising at home is a huge challenge! It's just not in my system. I do mat exercises one to two times per week and I move around a lot at home. I'm like a kiti-kiti at home because I could surprisingly do three thousand steps just going around everyday. On weekends I do at least 4k because of chores, baking and cooking. I exercise so my back won't hurt again and to improve my breathing.

At my favorite shop - Spotlight!

My therapist is super challenged with taking care of me. What she asks me to do has to be a perfect balance between challenging and bearable. If I have too much I get sick immediately. Tomorrow I will have to update her whether the exercises we did today was okay. I'll have to work my way up again in the next few weeks. I hope that the pool will open soon so I can swim and strengthen my lungs more.

What about you? What do you do to keep active at home? I never saw my Mom exercise in my entire life. Her secret to keeping fit is gardening. Tending to her garden is a lot of work. There were times when she traveled she would leave her garden to me. I had to water the entire garden twice a day. I used to have a garden in a previous home. I tried doing what my Mom would do twice a day - "putter around the garden". Gardening for fifteen minutes in my balcony now makes me feel like I had two hours of physiotherapy haha. So I count that as exercise hahaha.

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