Saturday, June 13, 2020

Dreaming of My Future Home

One of the things that tickled my curiousity the last few months being stuck at home is my future home. In the last decade I have drastically downsized my home. From living in a bungalow all my life we moved to a two floor apartment, a duplex, and then we got our own place. For a few years in Singapore I lived together with a neighbor so I just fit in all my things in a bedroom. It was when Miggy and Sweetie moved to Singapore when we rented our own flat.

I've gotten used to living in a smaller space. My childhood home had so much space. My Mom asks me every so often that I should just go back there with my family. As much as I love to live in a home with so much space I dread having to clean it. I've learned to love living in a smaller space because it helps me focus only on essential things (a.k.a. it helped me downsize my stuff).

Live by the mountain or sea? Live high up or ground level? 

Our place in Manila though is quite small and I get a lot of bruises just walking about our bedroom (I have flat feet!). I need help to get our place to have proper storage. I'm thinking of having it changed to two bedrooms only. I've been thinking about it for two years now and hope I could get things going this year. We'll see.

Long term though it's not really practical to live in a condo in Manila. It's still better to live in a house in a village since the association dues are cheaper. Should we go back and live with Mom? Or find a smaller house to live in. I have no plans yet right now, but I have been indulging in watching real property videos. Here's a few channels I watch -

Big yeyemenin house viewing
Practical sized houses (in Paranaque)
Tiny homes

I remember when I was a child I wanted to become an architect. There was a huge gap to that dream though -- my drawing skills do not exist. I used to draw home layouts and practiced it while playing Lego. I only recalled this the last few months I've been stuck at home. Funny how things from the past come back unexpectedly.

I've lived in 8 different homes in the past 10 years. That has given me a better idea of what I want in my future permanent home. I want it to be just the right size (read as: size that's easy to clean). It should have enough space to move around, enough storage and space for our hobbies. I'm not sure yet if I'd still want to live in the city or move to the province when I go back home.

What about you? Are you now in your permanent home? Or are you expecting to live somewhere else eventually?

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