Saturday, June 20, 2020

Finally Visited the McDo Across the Road!

We were excited to move to our new place and looked forward to visiting the two parks near us. The West Coast Park also has a McDonald's in it and we were excited to visit it. Unfortunately it's been closed since we moved. In our old place there was a nearby always open McDonald's too. Sometimes we go out late at night to just tambay. It's one of the things we missed doing the last few months.

Today's happiness!

With the re-opening we're still taking as much pre-caution and will likely stay within our surroundings. Last night one of our friends ordered Tapa King so we dropped by his place to pick up the food. We were all so happy to see each other. Oh wow! It was such a great feeling to see our friends. We all wanted to hug each other, but that part we can't do yet.

Our last Mcdonald's family dine-in visit was January 24, 2020. 

I baked some chocolate cupcakes today and met up with another friend by the bus stop. We decided to cross the street and drop by McDonald's. Sweetie and I originally did not plan to go, but I thought it would be good to take a walk for some exercise. It was raining most of the day so the air was cooler. Just got a drink and went back home.

I learned during this pandemic, one must find joy even in tiny things. And today it was finally visiting the McDonald's across the road. And this rainbow :)

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