Tuesday, June 23, 2020


My Mom was asking me earlier why I had so many tomato plants. I told her they all came from one tomato. Our conversation eventually veered towards that a possible long-lost relative from Italy who reached out to my cousin. I saw my Mom got excited as I told her stories about our lineage which I learned from my cousins.

Most of these are the tomato plants. I haven't re-potted any of the peppers.
They also came from one bell pepper.

No wonder they call it a "family tree". Like the slices from one tomato I planted, it sprouted and became several tomato plants. Eventually the plants will bear fruit and likely some of the seeds from those fruits will sprout and become plants. And the cycle will go on. Much like families.

While I was doing some research I found that the roots of our family did start in Italy and then some of them moved to Spain and Mexico and then the Philippines, other countries in Latin America and then the US. The funny thing is there's just a very small number left in Italy and most are in the Philippines and there are clusters in the Spain, Latin America and the US. There's so much you can learn about your lineage by searching online.

Knowing these things will not really change anything, but I'm thankful that now I have better understanding who were all those Titos and Titas who'd come visit our home while I was growing up. They were a lot. It's only now that I realized that they were my Mom's first cousins because my grandfather came from a very big family.

One interesting thing I learned is the common names used across generations. My mom and her siblings had the same names from my grandpa's generation. In my generation my older cousins bear the same name as the past generations. The next generation also have the same names. The long lost relative from Italy shared that the names we've been using is similar to those names used also in other countries. I wonder if other families are the same.

Now that I know a bit more about my maternal lineage I'm curious how I can get to know better my paternal ancestry. It's going to be hard to do online and I think will be better if I can interview my cousins.

What about you? Were you every curious about your ancestry?

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