Monday, June 22, 2020

2020 Birthdays

This is the birthday week of my boys and we are always together on their birthdays. I normally decline travel at this time because it's important for our family to be together at this time. We rarely do big celebrations for our birthdays and normally just have a good meal somewhere outside with the grandparents. Sometimes we celebrate with extended family and friends.

Last year's June birthdays celebration. Just the three of us. 

When Miggy was growing up we usually had his birthdays at home. I always had fun thinking of a theme and then organizing the whole party. I'd order balloons, rent chairs and tables, order cake from Goldilocks and then we'd cook the food at home. Yup, traditional home organized birthday parties.

Blast from the past.

That's how I also celebrated my birthdays growing up and most of the guests would be family and neighbors with their kids. Those big birthday parties would culminate on the 13th year and then we just eat out or do much smaller parties. We never had a kiddie party in Jollibee or McDonald's. I only experienced it eventually because of Sweetie and friends (like the Jollibee party last year).

This year is so different. This is the first time that we are not together. We surprised Miggy with lunch delivery and we had help from a friend to have cake delivered to him. We ate dinner together via Google Meets. It's a very unusual situation and this is the longest time we haven't been with Miggy. I wish this pandemic would end and we can all be with our families.

Happy, happy birthday Miggy and Sweetie! 2020 may have succeeded in keeping us apart, but I'm sure we'll soon be together again. Love, love, love!

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