Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Losing Someone So Young

I woke up to the news that one of the students I worked with in a program passed away due to kidney failure. He was one of the shy ones in his batch. I normally read the updates of these students (they're now all working!) since a number of them have become friends. I just read their updates in the background and I'm always happy to see their achievements. There are those who share updates on their start-up companies, career progress, getting married, having kids, travels and odd random stuff. My heart is always full seeing them thrive.

I've lost a couple of friends in the last couple of years, most of them younger than me. There are times when I think about how they would do things in a given situation. Or how they would react to story. Or how they would just suddenly dance for joy when their favorite song comes up. I find solace in the fact that they've gone ahead because they finished their mission and they've been called back by God.

Farewell JM. Please say hi to my loved ones up there.

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