Monday, June 8, 2020

Monday Moon!

Oh wow! We were hanging the laundry just now in our balcony when Sweetie let out a surprised sound. I immediately asked what was wrong and he said, "Look at the moon!"

Usually at this time of the evening (ten-ish) we don't see the moon anymore, so we were really surprised to see it tonight. It had this strange orange glow which changed to it's usual white pallor within 5 minutes. So this was a nice rare treat from nature.

This beautiful sight reminded me that you should look far away too. My Ate taught me this lesson when I had Miggy at a young age. She wanted me to see what was waiting for me in the future. One of her friends called me up and told me about her life ten years after having her child early. It really helped me at that time. I focused my time on moving forward and I never looked back.

Looking back I never dreamed I'd live in Singapore someday. 

And that's what the beautiful moon sighting communicated to me tonight. It's quite timely since one of my friends just posted that she's been stuck at home for 83 days now. It's hard and I have my moments when I feel like I'm gonna grow crazy from just being home. What really helped me was to accept the unknown and re-channel my energy to other things. I did spend a lot of time just moping on the couch, but last night the government here announced that phase 2 of opening things will proceed cautiously.

I have gotten used to the new normal of just staying home. I actually look forward to finishing work because I'm excited to work on my personal projects. Today right after work I popped the adobo on the stove and then went on to tend to my tiny garden. During lunch I was also working on my grocery list and planning already what to bake on Saturday. In between everything I nag Miggy hehe.

A month ago this was a tiny seedling :)

There are stressors and there are stressors. I've also learned to give myself a maximum amount of time that I can be upset over something. There's really no use hanging on to negativity. If something doesn't work out, there's a reason for it and probably God wants you to do something else. Look beyond. Look at how things will be in the future. And I think that's what I'm going to work on now. I'll let myself dream about the things that are yet to come.

Thanks for visiting us tonight Mr. Moon. It was a fabulous show :)

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