Sunday, June 14, 2020

Finally Baked Pandesal!

I had to work up the courage to bake pandesal because I did not want to be disappointed. I grew up eating pandesal almost everyday. It's how my Mom introduced me to coffee. When I was a child she'd give me pandesal dipped in coffee. I usually eat pandesal without any filling, but it's good with anything and I really mean anything.

It is best to eat pandesal fresh from the oven and that's why in the Philippines there are a lot of corner bakeries. When I was younger bakeries were not really "branded". If it would have a name it would usually be named after the family running it. Now there are a number of branded bakeries in the Philippines and cake shops introduced bread in their line-up many years ago. My favorite pandesal now when I'm in Manila is from Pan de Manila.

Which brings me to my first attempt at baking pandesal. I watched a gazillion YouTube videos and read a lot of recipes online to learn how to properly make pandesal. It took me this long to make it by myself because it's so easy to find in Manila. In Singapore though it's pretty expensive to buy and I always thought it takes so long to bake pandesal.

It does, but the hours I spent baking pandesal is so worth it. My first attempt was a success. We had to make it a point not to gobble it all up in one sitting! I liked it best with cheese and mayonnaise. Sweetie tried it with butter, jam and I think peanut butter. Maybe next time I'll double up the recipe so we can have more and so I can share to my friends who live nearby.

Have you tried baking pandesal? What's your favorite type of pandesal? Original? Cheese pandesal? Ube and cheese pandesal? Comment down below :)

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