Monday, June 1, 2020

Mood Mondays

I thought I'd put some order to my blogging so I don't end up just blabbing away here. So for Mondays I thought I'd just allot this day to blog about the general mood for the week.

Today is the last day of the Singapore circuit breaker. I think with all lockdowns/quarantines/whatever you call it went through different phases. Ours here became stricter right after we moved to our new place. The easement back to normal will go through several phases also and the general guideline is for those working from home to just continue working from home.

I've accepted the fact that I'm not going anywhere anytime soon and I have adjusted to a new normal. I've been home for 87 days now and only go out for essential stuff. Essential stuff has just been my doctor visits and urgent stuff we needed to fix related to our move.

At this point I think the only thing I miss most is the ability to hug Miggy and my Mom. Everything else I can do online. I love going to the supermarket and rarely ordered groceries online before. We didn't have enough supplies when we moved so I did groceries weekly for the first few weeks. Now I only order what I need. We used to eat out at least once or twice a week, but we always preferred to just buy take-away and just eat at home.

The new normal allowed me to explore other things. Gardening, baking bread and work on my quilt projects. I've also made two photobooks now and waiting for the second one to arrive. No travel means I have the chance to finally blog about all my travels the last ten years (yes! I have a 10-year blog backlog!). Of course also more time to reach out to family and friends and see what they're up to.

Meet Mr. Mustasa. I'm so excited to see it grow!

This pandemic is hard for everyone and we have different ways to cope. I've had to manage my stress better because the <3 complained a few weeks ago. That really scared me and I followed my doctor's instructions closely. I realized I cannot be of service to others if I'm not well. I had to really impose a hard stop everyday so I can have enough time to rest and re-load my happiness tank. 

How about you? How are you? What is keeping you happy nowadays?

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  1. A lot of things, actually, are keeping me happy these days. For example, my family is together. My 2 boys are home and not living in the dorm, which you worry about them a lot especially during evenings. LOL.

    Another, business as usual for me, which we cannot say the same for the others affected by this pandemic.

    And third, I am able to blog more often now, too. Good thinking about having a theme every day. I was doing it before and thank you because you reminded me of it. Here is my Monday Work Mood series: