Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Joy of Gardening

I used to see gardening as a chore. I tried planting a couple of times before. Even bought plants from Tagaytay to take care of, but the few that survived had to be put under my Mom's care. She has a green thumb.

Started to plant again last month during the labor day weekend. It was just an experiment to see if anything I plant would grow. It did and I realized that I had to take taking care of my plants properly. I enjoy researching to learn more about taking care of my plants. I've been smothering them with attention everyday.

At my balcony "farm" before the sprouts started growing like crazy.

I re-potted some of my tomato plants last night. They're about a month old now and are growing really fast. Just before I went to bed I realized that we can all be self-sufficient if we wanted to. In the old days most houses had backyards where you could plant vegetables and take care of chickens. My Mom has a huge backyard and we had fruit trees, veggies and chickens. Now I wish I had that space and easy access to gardening supplies.

The tomato forest needed to be re-potted.

I've been thinking about where I want to be when I go home. We have a home in Manila which has two balconies and I've finally found a reason to interact more with my neighbors. The recently created our community gardening group and I'm so glad I joined. I've been learning a lot from my neighbors and they've been inspiring me to think about what to do with our balcony.

Now I understand why my Mom spends so many hours in her garden. Her plants have been giving her so much joy. I guess my previous attempts at gardening did not work out because I wasn't ready. It's only been a month since I started cultivating my balcony farm. Read more about my gardening adventures at "The Balcony Farmer". I have friends who told me they got inspired with my efforts and started gardening too!

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