Sunday, June 21, 2020

Celebrating Father's Day

The past decade has been tough for our family. Our fathers left us one after the other. Tito Tony, then Daddy, followed by Tito Mon and then Tito Ben a few years later. I couldn't bring myself to post "Happy Father's Day" on social media because the fathers I grew up with are all gone. It's just terribly sad for me.

You left me after you knew I was in good hands. 

I live with one though and I made sure he ate well the whole day -- happy Father's day Sweetie! You've been our Papa the last decade, taking care of me and Miggy. I know it's probably so hard for you to live with two messy people haha. We call it disorganized chaos hrhr. I dunno how me and Miggy would be now without you. Miggy has grown up to be 50/50 of us now haha (proven with the succulents he chose yesterday!).

Of course I do remember that I still have some more daddies here - Dad (my FIL), Tito Louie, Uncle Fumio, my Kuya and Kuya Johnny. They're all there for me, standing in for Daddy.

Happy Father's Day everyone :)

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