Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Two Months Since We Moved!

Two months ago we moved to our new apartment. We love this new place because it's allowed us to try new things. The first few weeks were hard since we had to make our home livable and organized. We are so relieved we made the decision to move before our lease ended. Moving helped us cope better with the movement restrictions. Having a balcony makes a huge difference.

The funny thing is we haven't explored our new area. We are sandwiched between two parks! We have a great view of one of the parks. The park has been empty, but we've been seeing more people jogging the past week. I'm content just to see the park and the birds flying around for now. Someday we'll get the chance to walk through the park.

My lunchmates recommended this area. They are in the building beside us, but we haven't seen them in person since we moved! They've been able to go to the grocery together (social distancing of course!), but because of my medical conditions it's safer for me to just stay home. Someday we'll get to visit the nearby shops and get to know the stores where we've been ordering food.

I think aside from learning to bake bread what makes me happy just being home is learning how to garden! I've been hovering over my plants like a true blue plant parent haha. Head over to my gardening blog to check out my plantdemic adventures!

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