Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Unboxing My Birthday Gift for Myself

I think you would agree that it is thrilling to receive packages. Do you also add so much stuff on your Lazada/Shopee/Amazon cart? And randomly check out stuff on online shops when you're bored? Then order random stuff just so you can hear the doorbell ring for a package delivery.

My cart has stuff on it for my Mom now since I don't really need anything and I got myself something I've been wanting for a long time. I first saw it probably ten years ago. It was the most beautiful thing. I couldn't justify buying it because it's expensive. My tiny kitchen also discourages me from buying anything to add to it.

Last month I finally decided to get the item. I got lucky because the week I decided to get it there was a sale on it's flagship store in Lazada. I reached out to a friend in Japan who bought it early this year and she said it's worth the investment. I showed her the promo price and she said it was a steal. I didn't hesitate anymore and finally got it for myself.

When it comes to gadgets/kitchen appliances I take so long to buy stuff. I'm like that because I just want to make sure that I'm really going to use it. Sweetie was the one who finally got me my sewing machine. I think he got annoyed already that I kept checking it out at the store haha. Would you believe I'm using Miggy's super old Toshiba Chromebook to blog and edit my vlogs? The last time I bought a laptop for myself was seven years ago. I just wait for hand-me-downs from either Miggy or Sweetie since my computing needs is limited to browser usage and transferring photos from my camera.

My gift to myself arrived a few weeks before my birthday. I've been using it the last few weeks already and I'm so giddy I now have it. I'm sure I will have many adventures with it. Here's me unboxing it!

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