Friday, August 14, 2020

Yummy Bubble Milk Tea Gelato

I super love milk tea! In fact I love it so much I have a blog I author together with Sweetie and Drew. Visit our blog - Tea, Completely. My backlog on that blog is so, so  baaaaad. So before I forget I thought I'd share about his super yummy gelato I recently discovered.

I first saw it on an ad in Instagram. I clicked on the ad to check it out. The minimum amount to order was too expensive so I decided not to buy. A few days later we were surprised to see it in the supermarket and it was on sale! We got two flavors - Bubble Milk Tea and Tiramisu.

Ohhhh, it's one of the most amazing bubble milk tea flavored gelato I've tried. It's really tastes like bubble milk tea! I've tried a lot of milk tea flavored ice cream and not all of it is good. This one is real. The bubble is made of mochi pearls and is a good replacement of actual pearls.

Oh my, now I want some. This gelato was made by "the ice cream & cookie co.". Yummers!

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