Thursday, August 13, 2020

That Time We Visited Changi Jewel

I took a sick leave today and spent the entire day in bed asleep. I had a slight fever when I woke up and my pulse and oxygen rate were still weird. It's late evening now and I still feel a little woozy after eating dinner. I'm just chilling on the couch trying not to think about the weird stuff happening to my body. Sweetie said last night I wasn't making any sense when he was talking to me hehehe. I still have a headache which is probably why I haven't been making any sense.

Anyway a thought just popped in my mind -- Changi Jewel. I remembered it after watching an airport update video. The last time we visited Changi Jewel was October last year. We took our sweet time before we visited Changi Jewel because it's quite far from where we live and we avoided the crowds. We usually visit before or after a flight to save on transportation costs.

Shake Shack is usually full, but the last time we visited it was pretty empty. The burgers are quite good and last time we went we tried their coffee and it was quite good. Oh I miss the burgers.

Pokemon Center is a place we always visit at Changi Jewel. We don't really buy anything coz the toys are quite expensive. They have so many cute stuff though so if you're a Pokemon toy collector make sure to visit the Pokemon Center.

A&W is one of the places we've dined in. What I love best is their rootbeer float. It was my Dad who introduced me to rootbeer. It's the only soda he likes to drink. A&W is located at one of the lower floors and is usually full too, but the turnover of people is quite fast so it's okay to wait.

Tokyu Hands is one of my favorite places to visit also at Changi Jewel. There's a big branch though at Orchard, but I still prefer the gigantic one I've been to in Nagoya.

One thing I also enjoy at Changi Jewel is playing Pokemon. There are a number of PokeStops and gyms which will keep you busy while walking around. The most amazing part of Changi Jewel is the indoor waterfall. It is mermerizing to watch. Do check out the bottom of the waterfall too because it's also very unique and interesting.

I wonder how things are over at Changi Jewel. I haven't read any news update about it for awhile. It's a nice place to visit and certainly unique. I hope all is well with them.

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