Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Harvested Mustasa and Ate It!

I've been delaying harvesting from my mustasa plant. I just couldn't because it's so pretty!

My friends though were warning me that it might flower soon if I don't cut As far as I remember when the mustasa plant starts to flower the leaves become bitter and then it eventually dies. I couldn't harvest it yet because I couldn't find any liver spread. Finally got some from Redmart so I had no excuse anymore not to harvest.

I thawed the beef just after lunch to make sure I do not have another excuse not to harvest the mustasa. I took several leaves just before I started cooking dinner. It was so fresh and probably the best mustasa I ever had! I used my Dad's beef mustasa recipe. It doesn't really have a name, we just normally call it "mustasa" (dish). I'll share the recipe soon. Sweetie loved it!

I was worried though that the plant would be affected after I harvested some leaves. I checked it tonight and it looks like it's ready to give me new leaves again in a few days hehe. I super love the feeling that I ate something I planted! I hope my tomato plants will be ready with its fruits soon!

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