Monday, August 31, 2020

Envy and Being Content

I think there is a delicate line between being content and envy. When you are content it is easy to be happy for others. It is easier to appreciate the achievement of others and give praise. I think it's only human to be envious too.

Growing up my parents taught me how to be content. I learned this lesson when my collection of stationaries* were stolen in school when I was in first grade. Me and my classmates would trade stationaries and keep it on a folder. Our bulky school bags were made heavier because of our collection. Anyway, so my collection got stolen. I cried buckets! I told my parents about it and I remember my Mom explained to me why people steal. She said it stems from envy when you are not content.

I still buy stationary, usually cute pads but I use them for making lists. Here's one nice set that was gifted to me by one of my Mom's friends a few years ago. 

Through the years there were constant reminders for this lesson. I guess that's also the reason why I'm not really ambitious. I've been letting the Lord lead me where I should be. Lately though I've been wanting something. It's been stressing me out also because I've been wanting it to happen now. Someone who I met with this morning over Meets mentioned about being content and that effectively snapped me out of this thing I want. I know it will come in time as long as I pray for it.

Envy also causes one to become selfish. Sometimes when you want to control something badly you end up just thinking about yourself and  not what's good for others. Sadly I've seen this happen to good people and it's really painful to witness. And even more painful when you get sideswipped when envy leads ones actions.

Be Kind.

*Do kids still do this nowadays? When I was a kid collecting nice stationaries (i.e. Hello Kitty cute pads) was the in thing to do.

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