Thursday, August 20, 2020

Being Brave

I'll be honest with you, I'm a chicken. I oftentimes I get scared especially when I have to do something that I think is beyond my capacity. The pandemic forced me to really think about how I could step up and do what I need to do. It was a scary, scary thought for me and is probably partly why I got super sick last May. My body reacted to fear.

During that time I came across an article that said, "In order for you to reach your goals sometimes you have to be someone else..." (something like that). It basically said that if there's something you really want to happen and you feel you can't do it, the way to do it is to be someone else.

Reach the top by being someone else. Eventually what you aspire will be who you are.

That time I read that I was feeling super overwhelmed. I was so stressed because I submitted a proposal that required me to become a superhuman. The proposal made sense to me when I made it. I seriously half-hoped it wouldn't get approved because it would be so hard to run it! After my medical leave I came back to the news that my proposal was approved. OMG!

And so I did a pep talk to myself - you can do it! Think you are someone else! It's been three months since I started working on program and it's be haaaard. Things are finally moving now and I've surprised myself. I definitely had to be someone else to make it work and that someone else I tried to be is who I am now. Kaya ko pala.

I'd say a lot of it is also believing in yourself more. Scared little me is still around. I still need to do deep breathing exercises a lot of times to get "someone else" to come out, but it's getting a little easier. So that's how I learned how to be brave. I had to because I badly wanted to reach my goals so I can help more.

What about you? What do you do to be brave?

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