Tuesday, August 18, 2020

My YouTube Channel on Home, Hobbies and Inspiration

During my break last year I set the goal of finally working on my blog backlog. My friends from back home usually tease me that I'm a natural historian because I keep a treasure trove of photos and mementos. I used to do our parish newsletter and they appreciated the articles I'd write about our community. I stopped actively blogging for many years and I've always felt something was missing in my life.

I also used to actively vlog many, many years ago. I stopped because I got so busy. My vlogs back then centered on music, blogger events, travel and a little about tech. I thought I'd go back to that, but all my travel plans this year feel through. I eventually focused on new interests and since it's a bit varied I thought I'd pivot on who I am today. That's anyway what a lot of expert vloggers say -- focus on what you love doing and that's what you should communicate on your content.

Recipes for My Son

My family is important to me and being apart with Miggy has been really hard. We were together for three whole months (more like he was stuck with me) and one of the things I enjoy is seeing him cook dishes. He is actually a natural! Much like his Papa Lolo. My cousin made me realize that we didn't learn how to make favorite family recipes before we lost family members. That's what pushed me to film some of the favorite recipes of my boys.

My Home Panaderia

I super miss home and the many, many types of bread we have available in the Philippines. Buying pandesal here in Singapore is expensive! I once bought Spanish bread in Lucky Plaza and it cost SGD2! I realized I could actually learn how to make it myself. I always had the intention, but never had the time to act on it. So I made my home panaderia a project for me to learn how to bake bread. It's hard, but I enjoy the learning process.

An Apple a Day Vlogs

Life goes on after going through a number of medical issues and that's what I want to communicate through my personal vlogs. I have good days and bad days. Bad days can stretch for weeks and breaking it depends on how much I could will my body to become better. In time I hope I can share more about this to help inspire people like me to keep living and to be the best you can be. I can easily write about it, but it's harder for me to communicate it verbally. Hopefully in time :)

The Balcony Farmer

I became a plantita by accident! Last May, I  experimented on planting a tomato I sliced and now they are bearing fruit! I don't have a green thumb. Many plants have died under my care in the last ten years. Those that are still alive today are under my Mom's care. In The Balcony Farmer vlogs I share tips on how I have finally made some success with my plants.

Hope you find something interesting in my YouTube channel - An Apple a Day. Like and subscribe!

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