Thursday, August 6, 2020

My Fiery Side Comes from My Mom

I was looking at old black and white photos I scanned a few years ago and saw this photo of my Mom when she was young. She was sitting on a jeep with a camera on her hand.

My Mom told me that my Mama Lola was super strict when they were growing up. There were five of them so she run the household like a military academy (lol that's how my Mom described it). They were allowed to go out and attend bailehans (dance parties), but they had a curfew. Like all teenagers they had tricks up their sleeves. She said usually Tito Tony would adjust the clock two hours behind. When they got back really late they wouldn't get scolded.

The photo on the jeep reminded me of another kapilyuhan my Mom did together with her siblings. She learned to drive when she was just a teenager (I think around 15 or 16). It was Tito Ben who taught her how to drive. They would use Papa Lolo's jeep and they would drive around on it. My Mom told me this story several times and she always had a naughty sparkle in her eyes whenever she recounted it. She said they were always fearful because my Mama Lola was the boss and you'd never want to make her cross.

My Mom was always so conscious whenever I had wounds on my legs. She would get really upset whenever I had a wound or a bruise. The reason? She has a scar on her leg that she got playing in the batis when she was young. It was a constant reminder to her that she disobeyed Mama Lola. She never wanted me to have any scars on my legs and you can imagine what happened when I had a wound from skateboarding (one of my kapilyahans).

My Mom was so strict also when I was growing up. She was super strict until I got married! Looking back though I think I did exactly what she did when she was a teenager (and more actually hahaha).  My friends were super scared of my Mom when I was a teenager, but when we got older we actually hung out more at home. Mom always opened our home for me and my friends to hang out in and she still hosts our parties whenever we want to.

Sigh, I miss my Mom so much. Wish this pandemic would be over so I can go back home and be with her.

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