Tuesday, August 11, 2020

My Fave Things to Do in Taiwan

I miss Taiwan. I usually visit Taiwan several times a year. The last time I got to visit was a year ago when I went to Taichung for an event. I went straight there from Tokyo and had the time of my life traveling by train from Taipei to Taichung. I love figuring out how to get around by train in unfamiliar cities.

I believe my paternal grandmother probably came from Taiwan. I don't know much about her since she passed away when my Dad was just 7 years old. They just told me that she's Chinese and eloped with my Filipino grandfather. So I always wondered what she's like and what traits I inherited from her. The first time I visited Taiwan I had a "feeling of familiarity". I don't know what it is, but I just feel happy and at home whenever I visit Taiwan. And this is why I think maybe my grandmother came from Taiwan.

Whenever I visit Taiwan I normally stay in Taipei. I usually stay near our office which is at Taipei 101. Here's what I love to do whenever I'm in Taiwan:

1. Stare at Taipei 101 especially at night. It's mesmerizing and a nice sight to look at especially in the evenings.

2. Drink bubble tea, of course. I love 50 Lan, TenRen, and one more place found on the 5th floor in the department store across our office (sorry but no matter how many times they teach me I couldn't pronounce the name of the place... I can bring you there though haha).

3. Eat! There's so many places to eat at, but the birthplace of Din Tai Fung is a must resto to eat at. I go to a branch where locals go to hrhr.

4. The night market and eat sausages. Whoops, did I just mention eating again?

5. Ride the high speed train. Yup, Taipei to Kaohsiung and back to Taipei is a regular trip I make. I always think about my grandmother whenever I travel domestically in Taiwan.

6. Visit the gigantic fabric market - Yongle Fabric Market. Yes! I've been there and oh my it took all my will not to go crazy and buy yards and yards of fabric. Haha.

7. And there's one place I really, really want to go back to -- Yilan! And eat at that yummy karinderya at the market near the school. I'm so desperate the locals actually sent me a recipe to the pork dish I've been fantasizing about haha. Maybe I'll try to make it this weekend.

I haven't explored Taiwan's beautiful places. I'm always there for work! I have met many beautiful, loving, warm friends in Taiwan and I miss them. Someday I'll be back...

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