Saturday, August 8, 2020

My Soul is Travelling at Night

I read that many people are having very vivid dreams in the last few months. I have not been spared and my dreams are like movies. The genre changes every time I dream - science fiction, drama, comedy, romance, horror, action, rarely comedy though.

The last few nights I have been dreaming about travelling to different places. Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Davao, Cebu, Baguio etc. I zip around from beautiful structures like churches, palaces, tall buildings to mountains forests, lush gardens, lakes and beaches. My attire switch between winter clothes and beach clothes. I've been waking up happy.

It's almost eight months now since I last rode a plane. I know staying home has helped improve my health. My family and friends are also less worried because I'm just home. My best friend told me a few weeks ago he gets antsy whenever I travel. I understand why because the past year I feel anxious too whenever I travel alone.

I still have itchy feet because despite my health conditions I still love travelling. I guess I've been dreaming about the places I've been to because I miss hopping on a plane and landing in a different place. Travelling allowed me to learn about other cultures, gain new friends, understand new business practices, try out new dishes and experience different types of weather. I just took it for granted that I'd always get to travel since it's part of my work.

I wanted 2020 to be the year to explore the world more. I ended up exploring my baking and gardening skills more. I still hope and pray that someday when all of this is over the world will become a safe place again for me to travel. (My travel blog is over at Lakwatsera Ako).

What about you? What have your dreams been like?

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